09-15 Cadillac CTS-V Front / Rear Coil-over Package


09-15 Cadillac CTS-V Front / Rear Coil-over Package

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The same technology and R&D that have brought numerous teams small tire records and round wins is available for your 2nd Gen. CTS-V. Independent rear suspension is VERY dependent on your shock and spring package. A custom tuned package for your car is key to achieving the maximum potential of your chassis. All packages include springs and coil-over hardware. This package includes the upper and lower mounts front and rear to bolt into the car.

Standard Build time is 2 weeks. If shocks are needed in a hurry please let us know and be aware of the rush fee.

Front Upper Mount - Heim
Front Lower Mount - Heim

Rear Upper Mount - Heim
Rear Lower Mount - Stainless Clevis

Front? Rear? Front and Rear?:
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