Jacob Lamb & Phil Hines Capture Victories in St. Louis

In what was an interesting weekend to say the least, Jacob Lamb and Phil Hines both secured victories at the inaugural NMRA race in St. Louis.

This was the first time that the NMRA series has been to St. Louis in almost 20 years. They had scheduled the event on the weekend that was previously held a decade ago by another all Ford event, the iconic World Ford Challenge.

Phil was on the property in his ear popping, heart stopping, new edge Mustang. He competes in the NMRA’s Street Outlaw class, which is in essence a crossover to the well known X275 class. As a multi-time World Champion, Phil goes out there every race and puts up everything he has against the best in the industry. His BES powered, Procharger blown SBF is loud enough to wake the dead, and consistent enough to win races and championships. We at Menscer Motorsports couldn’t be more honored than we are to have Phil as part of the Menscer family, and be part of his quest to continued greatness and Championship caliber performances. This win also moves Phil further up the board in the 2019 season points race.

Another amazing Menscer Motorsports competitor took home a win over the weekend in St. Louis as well. None other than Jacob Lamb, who already has one Coyote Stock World Championship to his name. In 2017 he snagged the NMRA C/S World Championship, and last year was the points runner-up. In fact, over the last three seasons, Jacob has placed in the top three, dating back to 2016 when he was third overall in points. Unoffically, Jacob is currently in fourth place in points with three races left, and it is still anyone’s Championship to win. Jacob relies on Menscer Motorsports shocks to get his Coyote sealed, stick shifted, four-eye Mustang down the track with deadly consistency. There isn’t much you can do on these cars when it comes to modifications, with the exception of chassis and clutch setup. Jacob has proven that the Menscer Shock package isn’t just for those big radial cars either. We will be following Jacob all season to make sure that he is ready for an assault on that championship run. Thank you Jacob for trusting your car show quality race car to Menscer Motorsports in a quest to become Champion once again.