Tech Resources & FAQ


Q: How do I tune my rear shocks on my small tire car?

A: Click here for a custom rear shock small tire car tuning guide.


Q: How do tune my front shocks?

A: Click here for a front shock tuning guide. 


Q: How I tune my Mustang front struts?

A: Click here for a mustang strut tuning guide. 


Q: Which way do I mount my new shocks?

A: Our shocks can be mounted in any configuration.


Q: Which adjuster is compression and which is rebound (extension)?

A: On non-canister shocks, compression is the knob that is perpendicular to the shock body. On canister shocks, compression is the knob on the canister. Rebound (extension) adjuster is located on the shaft assembly.


Q: How do I check the nitrogen pressure in my canister shocks?

A: You will need a nitrogen fill/check gauge.